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The Bug Chicks

Why this name? We use “Bug” because that’s the word that most people use when they think about animals with exoskeletons and segmented legs. Most people don’t know the word ‘arthropod,’ so we use the word they use and then we teach them the right word.

Why “Chicks”? Some people hate this word and think it’s derogatory towards women (and it can be used that way), but we reclaimed it. To us, it means fun, cool women who don’t take themselves too seriously. So instead of “The Arthropod Ladies” or the “Animals-with-Exoskeletons Girls” we chose “The Bug Chicks.”

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Kristie Reddick

Kristie Reddick, M.S. is an entomologist, award-winning university lecturer and educational media specialist. Her research focuses on the biology, biodiversity, and distribution of solifuge arachnids in Kenya. She described the first male of the genus Tarabulida. After she received her Masters degree from Texas A&M University she lectured a course called Insects and Human Society, that explored how insects have shaped human history and culture. She wants to train teachers in refugee camps to use insects as educational resources.

Jessica Honaker

Jessica Honaker, M.S. is an entomologist and science illustrator whose research focuses on integrated pest management and the effect of honeydew production by blackmargined aphids in pecan agro-ecosystems. She received her Master’s degree from Texas A&M University and her research on pecan aphids is helping to establish new pest control parameters for farmers in eastern Texas. She plans to continue her work in an effort to reduce reliance on pesticides in developing countries.


scientific work we’re Proud Of




Jessica’s work on black-margined aphids and crop loss in Texas has influenced new pesticide strategies in the state. She found that farmers were over-spraying when they didn’t need to. Her work saved them money and saved a lot of beneficial insects from being unnecessarily sprayed.




Kristie and Jess are Faculty with the Morpho Institute, traveling to the Peruvian Amazon twice a year to train teachers and assist with biodiversity assessments. They are guest scientists with JASON Learning and guide high school students on directed entomological research projects in the rainforest canopy.

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Kristie conducted the first ever biodiversity survey on solifugae arachnids in Kenya. She named and described a new species from the Kenya/South Sudan border, Tarabulida mugambii. Her work focuses on predator-prey relationships and discovering where these elusive animals fit into desert food webs.


Our Story


Kristie and Jess meet in grad school at Texas A&M University in an insect photography class. They immediately like each other. They work on a class project. Jess holds Kristie’s pet tarantula for the first time. They catch it on film.


Kristie asks Jess to join her to Kenya to film her work on camel spiders and teaching kids. Jess puts her research on hold and goes. They spend 5 months in a 2 person tent- there is a hyena attack, a museum exhibit renovation, hundreds of miles of driving, an ornery baboon, thousands of rocks overturned, hundreds of children taught and some really good nyama choma. A bond is forged that will last lifetimes- and has been there since the dawn of (wo)Man.

They sign papers upon their return to the States. Jess is now a full partner in Kristie’s business, Solpugid Productions.


Solpugid Productions is in full swing as a science video production company. K & J are also working 100 other jobs at the same time. During this time they make videos for Junior Master Gardener, Texas A&M University, The Norman Borlaug Institute of International Agriculture, the US Forest Service and were featured on the History Channel’s MonsterQuest (what’s life without regrets?) They write and produce the popular iTunes U podcast “Bug Bytes” with over 500,000 downloads. It reaches #2 on the iTunes U Top Ten. They travel to Guatemala several times for farmer and youth training on arthropods and pesticide practices.

Somewhere in there, The Bug Chicks is born. They decide it is a much better name than Solpugid Productions. Branding is everything.


Jess and Kristie move to Portland, Oregon and in association with TAMU they create the incredibly popular series Insects and Human Society, a 21-video lesson that explores the different orders of insects. This series is used in entomology departments around the country. The mating scenes are immensely enjoyable.


The Bug Chicks embark on a filming journey across the United States called the Sofa Safari, where they bring a vintage green velvet couch into diverse ecosystems and inspire kids to get off the couch and explore America’s backyard wilderness. They raised $14K via Indiegogo and have major sponsors like Honda, Bioquip and the Entomological Society of America helping them along the way. During this time, they also start teaching thousands of students across the country in their signature Bug Chicks workshops that blend growth mindset, social-emotional learning and the science of arthropods. Celestron, a world class telescope and microscope company, takes notice and TBC soon finds itself in a real brand partnership.

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Microsoft chooses The Bug Chicks launch their new Windows 10® operating system as a featured small business in a commercial that highlighted their unique way of teaching. It is an awesome and bizarre experience where they received lots of attention but also some hate mail. They are also invited to be guest faculty by The Morpho Institute for their annual Educator Academy in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and have been back each year. They now lead groups of teens and their teachers with JASON Learning each year in the rainforest as well.


• Working on a pre-pilot for a television show
• Planning a new podcast series
• Creating new teacher resources
• Planning for Sofa Safari 2
— What’s next?



We work with some pretty cool people!

We are part of Team Celestron, makers of the finest telescopes (and microscopes) and Microsoft asked us to be the FACE of their new campaign for Windows 10 in 2016!

We love to link and partner with companies and organizations who understand our message and share our outlook. Big projects, small projects, long-term, short-term, you name it we love it.

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