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We met in grad school in an insect photography class that our professors were not thrilled about us taking (as it would distract us from our scientific pursuits). After bonding during a hurricane and over our Appalachain roots (Jess is from WV and Kristie from VA) Kristie invited Jess to come to Kenya to help film her research and teaching. When you spend 6 months in a 2-person tent in a foreign country and battle tsetse flies, typhoid, hyenas and an ornery old Landcruiser you either despise each other or become insta-sisters. We’ve been working together ever since as educators, video hosts, creative partners, and fierce advocates for public access to science.  Together we use insects as a vehicle to teach about bravery and educational empowerment and inspire people to see that Different Isn’t Bad.

Kristie Reddick

Director & Founder

Kristie is an entomologist, award-winning university lecturer and educational media specialist. Her research focuses on the biology, biodiversity, and distribution of solifuge arachnids in Kenya. She described the first male of the genus Tarabulida.  After she received her Masters degree from Texas A&M University she lectured a course called Insects and Human Society, that explored how insects have shaped human history and culture. She wants to train teachers in refugee camps to use insects as educational resources.

Jessica Honaker

Assistant Director

Jessica Honaker, M.S. is an entomologist and science illustrator whose research focuses on integrated pest management and the effect of honeydew production by black-margined aphids in pecan agro-ecosystems.  She received her Master’s degree from Texas A&M University and her research on pecan aphids is helping to establish new pest control parameters for farmers in eastern Texas. She plans to continue her work in an effort to reduce reliance on pesticides in developing countries.