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5 Plants To Attract Pollinators

The rosemary bush in front of our office always has bees and pollinating flies that visit.

Pollinating insects are important to have around, whether you have a backyard garden or a window flower box.  But how can you attract them to your plants?  Plant “attractive” plants alongside the others in your garden!

Five good plants you can put in your garden:

1) Aster

2) Larkspur

3) Black-eyed Susans

4) Purple Coneflower

5) Rosemary

BONUS: Oregon grape and salvia (sage)

Planting sage (salvia) is a great way to attract pollinators to your garden.

Using native plants is generally better than using exotics.  Also, be sure to use plants with a variety of colors and shapes to attract a diversity of pollinating insects.  We haven’t included all the plants you could use in this list, but these are some of our favorites.

To learn more about the biology and conservation of pollinators, you can also check out the videos we made for Pollinator LIVE with the U.S. Forest Service!

The Bug Chicks and Fly Guys

Episode 4: Flower Power

Episode 5: Mission:Pollination

Episode 6: Lean on Me

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