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Australian King Crickets

We thought we’d do another write-up on one of the amazing insects Bug Chick Kristie saw during her trip to Australia.

This impressive cricket was found in the house where she was staying in Sydney in eastern Australia. These huge crickets and their relatives are Anostostomatids, and can be found in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and South America. There are lots of different species and they go by many common names, but in Australia they are collectively called King Crickets. They are cousins of other heavy hitters like the giant wetas of New Zealand which can reach 4 inches in length! This king cricket was about 2 inches in length.

King Cricket, Sydney Australia


King crickets are ground dwelling and usually don’t fly. They have heavy spines on their legs which make them hard to swallow as prey. As omnivores and scavengers, they eat other insects, spiders, fungi, and plant matter.

He looks angry, but he’s just tapping his antennae on Kristie’s camera to see if she’s a threat.


Check out those massive mandibles! Kristie played with him for a while but was careful not to get nipped! So cool!



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  1. Stephen Thorpe

    This belongs to family Gryllacrididae. It is NOT a king cricket (family Anostostomatidae)!

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