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Earwigs: Beating a Bad Rap

This post is a reposting of an original Bug Chicks article on Science Friday.

Many insects are pegged with a bad reputation.  While this is warranted in such cases as mosquitoes that transmit malaria, bed bugs and lice that are nuisance pests, or locusts that devour crops, some insects are maligned for no good reason.  Earwigs are a great example.  Many people we speak with fear these small, flat, brown insects.  The myth that they crawl into your ears and burrow into your brain is pervasive and hard to shake.
What better way to conquer baseless fears than with a little education?

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  1. Julie Stahlhut

    I was expecting a shout-out to that grisly old “Night Gallery” ep with Laurence Harvey! 🙂

    Beautifully done. Kudos!

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