This is a re-post of an original Bug Chicks post on Science Friday.

For the Bug Chicks, teaching is a way of life. We teach in schools, libraries, and museums on a weekly basis. Our creativity and enthusiasm shape each class. People tell us that they can tell we love to teach. Sometimes though, kids can teach each other more effectively than we can. Peer-teaching is something of an obsession of ours and often, through the course of a normal school workshop, we’ll pick a couple of students to help us teach their own class.


When we were asked to teach for a semester at the incredible Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences in Portland, Oregon, we immediately decided to teach the students how to make educational videos. This way we could incorporate research, writing, digital literacy, creativity, and science into one big self-confidence boosting exercise.


The students decided to focus on four different types of arthropods that we have in our collection. By the end of the semester, they had produced four videos on arthropod biology and several supplemental videos about our behind-the-scenes processes.  These kids worked hard and we’re proud of what they’ve created!  We’ll be posting each group’s video over the next few weeks.


The first video we want to highlight is all about millipedes. Co-starring in this video are Bob, Marley, and Kisses, our Arizona desert millipedes.  Check it out below!

Millipedia – a lesson with legs from Bug Chicks on Vimeo.