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Introducing Esmeralda

Esme, our Texas Brown Tarantula from Lake Whitney! © Solpugid Productions 2011


Happy Valentine’s Day! Things we love: chocolate, daisies, and our pets! This is Esmeralda, our little Texas tarantula. We’re not sure what species she is.

There are 14 recognized species of tarantula found in Texas and they can be hard to distinguish without dissecting them. We’ll wait to do that. Right now she’s a valued member of The Bug Chicks team and a great way to introduce skittish people to spiders.

Esme is about three years old and she loves to hang upside down in her cage. She’s got a great appetite and always gets her crickets on the first pounce! Her movements are very cat-like, actually; she reminds us of a playful kitten.


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