Parts of a true bug. Drawing by Jessica Honaker

A true bug is a specific type of insect that is found in the Order Hemiptera, Suborder Heteroptera.  The wings are half-hard (or scleritized) and half-membranous (sort of see-through).  The hard part of the wings is called the hemelytra and when the wings cross over the back it forms a big X.  They have a long, piercing-sucking mouthpart called a proboscis.  So really, the term bug only truly, scientifically, correctly, I’m-right-and-you’re-wrongly refers to these specific kinds of insects.

But wait! We’re The Bug Chicks!!!!!  Don’t we teach about all kinds of insects, spiders and their relatives and not just the ones with the hemelytra? Yes we do!

Here’s the deal…As scientists, we know that famous saying “all bugs are insects but not all insects are bugs.”  And we know that spiders are most certainly NOT insects.

We chose the name “The Bug Chicks” because when most people who are not scientists think of insects, spiders and other creepy crawlies, the word bug comes to mind. It has become a colloquialism; or a term that just about everyone uses.

You see,  we don’t teach other scientists. They already know this stuff.  So we use our name as a teaching tool to draw people in.  It’s fun, quirky and sounds better than the Insect Girls or Hexapod Females. Or Arthropod Ladies. *shudder*

We’ll use anything we can to teach people about the animals that we find so fascinating. Even our name.