Earwigs: Beating a Bad Rap

This post is a reposting of an original Bug Chicks article on Science Friday. Many insects are pegged with a bad reputation.  While this is warranted in such cases as mosquitoes that transmit malaria, bed bugs and lice that are nuisance pests, or locusts that devour crops, some insects are...

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Insects and Human Society: Webspinners

You’ve probably all seen silk webbing in the ridges of tree bark. It could be a spider’s web, or it could’ve been made by the elusive and shy insects called webspinners in the Order Embiidina. These small insects spend their entire lives in silken galleries they create from special glands on their...

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Tricky Mister! Indirect Sperm Transfer in Primitive Hexapods

Most springtails and silverfish reproduce sexually. This means sperm meets egg in order to achieve fertilization. This is unlike some other hexapods, like bees and aphids, which sometimes use asexual reproductive tactics like cloning. So do all sexually reproductive hexapods “do it like they do on...

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