Entomology in One Word

  This is a re-post of an original Bug Chicks post on Science Friday.   During the Entomological Society of America’s annual meeting in Knoxville last year, we met people with an incredible diversity of interests when it came to arthropods. Scientists, students, instructors, and technicians...

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Pink Katydids

  This is a re-posting of an original Bug Chicks post on Science Friday.   We spent the holiday break looking over our photos from 2012 and compiling a list of our best from the year. For this post, we decided to talk about one photo that we picked.  It is not a great photo, technically speaking....

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Aphids, like the ones on this plant, can be major agricultural pests.  They have a long, needle-like mouthpart called a rostrum that they use to jab into the leaves and drain the plant sap.  Even though aphids are small, they’re pretty easy to identify – just look for the rounded,...

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