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A Few Pollinators

I challenged myself to walk around the block and simply explore with my FlipView microscope with an assignment to shoot some video with it. I didn’t even make it one quarter of the way! I shot some footage of pollinators doing their thing. It was a bit windy, so the flowers are moving quite a bit in the clips (how do the insects hang on so well???) but I’m pleased with the result from this little microscope!

Can you tell which one is not the bee or bee relative?


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  1. Judy Reetz

    It’s so fun to see bees feasting on the nectar they love! The one bee covered with pollen reminds me that when I do what I love the result is I deposit (pollinate) some new “grace” in others who I touch.

  2. Melissa Martin

    Yes, the flower fly is not bee! This is amazing how well this celestron works.

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  4. thebugchicks

    Correct! I know- I’m kind of amazed by the video. Keep checking back here for some more of that. Went hunting with my niece and we found a cuuuute jumping spider that we filmed. Thanks for commenting!–Kristie

  5. thebugchicks

    Oh Judy! This is such a lovely comment. Thank you for spreading grace and joy. You certainly did for me today. Thinking of your comment, the bee covered with pollen is how I teach kids. I and just all up in it and totally immersed. Fills me with happiness and purpose. You have put a huge smile on my face today –Kristie

  6. Adolph Rantz

    Mammals are not generally thought of as pollinators, but some rodents, bats and marsupials are significant pollinators and some even specialise in such activities. In South Africa certain species of Examples of pollen vectors include many species of wasps, that transport pollen of many plant species, being potential or even efficient pollinators.

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