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Bugs…Outside the Box

We are so proud to talk about Outhouse Exhibit Services and their traveling educational insect exhibits. They have been wowing museum-goers for years all around the country with their fun and exciting entomological displays. Currently they have a really exceptional exhibit called Tarantulas! with lots of live specimens that’s touring. You can check out their website here: and their blog here:

Today we want to highlight their upcoming exhibit called Bugs…Outside the Box.

Outhouse Exhibit Services has partnered with Lorenzo Possenti, an Italian sculpture artist, to bring his huge, intricate and anatomically perfect insect models to the United States. The exhibit opens in October at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

Back in March, Outhouse Exhibits and Lorenzo let us borrow their Buprestis mirabilis model to display in our booth at the National Science Teachers Association conference. It’s a 2 foot long colorful jewel borer beetle. Of course, we couldn’t send it back without filming and photographing it a bit first! Watch the video below for more background on Lorenzo and an up close look at this incredible insect sculpture. We’re hoping to partner with Outhouse Exhibits and Lorenzo Possenti again in the future. We have a bugcrush on them!

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