Right now we’re packing and planning for a trip to the rainforest to film series two of Texas A&M University’s Insects and Human Society course. We’re going to be posting full episodes from the first set soon (read about it here), but in the mean time we thought we’d show you one of our favorite “Mythology and Culture” segments from the earwig video!

We paid tribute to one of the most famous scenes from Star Trek’s The Wrath of Khan. Disclaimer: No earwigs (or Bug Chicks) were injured during the filming of this segment.

Cultural Entomology: The Wrath of Khan from Bug Chicks on Vimeo.

Really into Science Fiction? We wrote a podcast about where Hollywood gets some of its creatures for science fiction. Could of it be true? This podcast explores some of the science behind the fiction, and why bugs are such popular scapegoats as the bad guys.

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