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Free Bug Chicks Workshops in Portland!

A little girl and a big roach–a perfect match!

The Bug Chicks partnered with the Multnomah County Libraries again this year to continue our series of insect workshops!  Each program is an hour and a half and you can interact with our live insects and other arthropods.  We look forward to seeing you there and will help you find your inner bugdork!

Workshop dates and locations:

5/12 Albina Library 2:00 pm

6/20 Gresham Library 11:00 am

6/20 Hollywood Library 2:oo pm

6/26 Woodstock Library 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm

6/28 North Portland Library 1:30 pm

7/8 Midland Library 2:00 pm

7/11 Hillsdale Library 3:00 pm

7/21 Gregory Heights Library 2:30 pm

7/31 Capitol Hill Library 2:30 pm

8/1 Fairview Library 3:00 pm

8/5 Troutdale Library 1:30 pm

8/18 Holgate Library 2:00 pm

8/23 Kenton Library 3:00 pm


Wanna see us in action?  We were recently featured on Oregon Field Guide!  Check out the video! 





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  1. Erika Pollock

    My 3 and 5 year old and I had the privilege of seeing the Bug Chicks in action at the Albina library. It was a fantastic program! The Bug Chicks are engaging, knowledgeable, witty, and so captivating (with a fascinating collection of bugs!) My children were inspired by their presentation. When they got home, they dressed up as a ladybug and butterfly and created a dance. The dance soon turned into imaginative play about a predator coming to try and eat them. The kids are talking about bugs, interested in books about bugs, and interacting in the outdoors with even greater interest about the nature around them. Thank you, Bug Chicks, for an outstanding program at the library!

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