Here at Bug Chicks Headquarters, Halloween is usually a bug deal. (see what we did there?)  But this year, it has crept up on us and in the middle of a house and office move, this year’s shaping up to be a bust.  So last night, filled with vigor and determination to show our Halloween Spirit, we threw together a little costume.  We also realized, with horror, that a year ago a very talented artist friend gave us two incredible costumes to take photos with!  Since we hadn’t taken done it yet, we thought this would be a perfect time.


1. The Slug Chicks

With $2.00 alien eyeball headbands and clothes we already own we dressed up as slugs!  Banana slugs are native and chocolate slugs are invasive from Europe.  Add a little cling wrap for slime around the head, and you’ve got a costume!   Yes, Kristie owns that yellow sleeper suit.  Yes.




2.  Mantis vs. Dragonfly

Our friend Allie Callow creates incredible cosutmes and headdresses out of found materials.  She made a mantis costume and dragonfly costume that are out of this world!  She definitely turns trash into treasure. We want to wear these to every workshop we teach.  We’ve been told we can’t.




If you’re interested in some other trash artists check out our post on our friend Kricket!

Happy Halloween!