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Montage Mondays: Ants of Costa Rica

We saw these four species of ant in Costa Rica.  Each ant is a soldier in the colony – just take a look at their mandibles!  The strong, large jaws allow them to protect their colony from predation and invasion by other organisms.

Clockwise from left: Army ant, bullet ant, trap-jaw ant, and leaf-cutter ant soldiers.

Soldier ants defend their colonies and are morphologically equipped to do so!





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  1. Yasha Hartberg

    So, did you let yourself get bitten by any of these ants?

  2. thebugchicks

    Haha! No. Jess is severely allergic so we’re really careful when she’s out there. I WANTED to be stung to feel what it was like, but got worried that it might hinder our work and fun down there. Sacrifices… –Kristie

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