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National Ag Science Center


In November, we had the opportunity to speak at the National Ag Science Center‘s annual fundraising dinner.  It was the first time we got to see the Ag in Motion mobile lab, where our “Bug Bits” and “You’re Hired” videos play!  We also got to visit the Ratto Bros. farm, Jake Wenger’s walnut orchard, and Duarte Nurseries!  It was a fantastic visit!

Visting the Ag in Motion mobile lab, where 7th graders get to learn about strawberry DNA, insect morphology and more!


Kristie and Jess tasting delicious fennel at the Ratto Bros. farm.


Beautiful poinsettias at Duarte Nursery.

Jess and Kristie standing in front of the oldest (and largest!) walnut tree in the country!

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