Kristie uses her iPhone to take video and photos all the time!

We’ve noticed lately that whenever we teach, we have to tell students to look with their eyes and not with their phones and tablets.  Touch technology is everywhere nowadays, and we’re not immune to its charms.  Kristie recently upgraded her iPhone and touches, taps and interacts with the best of them.  She was waxing poetic the other day about how much she loves it, and it reminded us of a podcast we created of couple years ago when touch technology was new and fresh.

This podcast explores the tactile communication of ants and how they use touch to interact with their environment.  We humans are so proud of all our inventions and developments but if we look closely, we’ll find that for most of them, bugs did it first!

Here are some great arthropod apps.  You can find many of them for both Apple and Android.  Do you use any awesome arthropod related apps?  Let us know in the comments!

Apps for iPhone/iPod/iPad (available through iTunes store)

Reference Apps

  • Insects HD
  • Arachnophilia HD
  • Insect Noises
  • Bugs and Insects
  • Butterflies & Moths of North America
  • Entomology Dictionary
  • Audobon’s Insect and Spider Field Guide
  • EuroBeetles
  • Insecta

Game Apps

  • Bugdom 2
  • Spider- Secret of Bryce Manor
  • Amazon: Hidden Expeditions
  • Bug Village HD

Education Apps

  • Bugs and buttons
  • iLiveMath Entomology

*Many thanks to Bug Bytes listener Jaden Walker for some excellent app suggestions!

This podcast was originally posted for Bug Bytes (url link: 10/07/10.  It was reposted on Science Friday on August 8, 2012.