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Insect Haiku Inspired By Beetles in the Bush


We are starting a Monday Haiku series based on lovely insect photographs.  For our inaugural post, we wrote a verse about Ted C. MacRae’s favorite photo that he captured in 2012.  If you haven’t  been to his website Beetles in the Bush, go there (after you read our poem).  To call it a blog is a bit of a disservice, as every post he writes is like a journal article.  Beetles in the Bush is not a blog– it’s an entomological resource.  And Ted MacRae takes some seriously beautiful photographs, many of which are of beetles in their natural habitats.  We saw Ted speak at ESA in November and learned a lot about how we can improve our photos of arthropods in the wild.  Many thanks for allowing us to highlight your beautiful work, Ted!


 An Ode

beetles in the bush

beat millions in a box

 hunt.  find.  snap.  let.  go.



Photo Credit:  MacRae, T. C. (2012, December 30.) Best of BitB 2012. Retrieved January 6, 2013 from

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  1. Ted C. MacRae

    Gosh – thanks! 🙂

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