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A site for parents, teachers and bugdorks.

Welcome Junior Entomologists!

This is a curated page that is created with you in mind! Curated means we’ve gathered some of our best content from our website and put it in one easy-to-find place for you. We will be adding to this page all the time. If there’s something you’d like to see, let us know! –Kristie & Jess


Beach Arthropods


A Whipspider Surprise

amblypygid feature

Costa Rica Beetles

We found this colorful tortoise beetle hanging out on some banana leaves.


Kristie's Research

This Zeria fordi female from Lake Bogoria, Kenya is chomping on a grasshopper.  This particular solifuge ate everything we offered her, including poisonous millipedes!

Jessica's Research

Clusters of aphids on plants make an easy target for predators.
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