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We love to spread our message to audiences large and small. We teach about insects & spiders, but we speak about bravery, empowerment, overcoming prejudice and educational potential using bugs as our vehicle! It is our passion.

Together, Jessica and Kristie have given Keynote addresses for the National Ag Science Center and National Ag in the Classroom and spoken at numerous conferences, meetings and symposia. Kristie has given Keynote addresses for the L.T. Jordan Institute of International Awareness on her work in Kenya as a Fellow of the Institute and the Undergraduate Entomological Society at Texas A&M University on how to succeed as a student transitioning to the real world.






We also speak about using bugs to talk about social issues affecting schools and teens the world over like prejudice, celebrating diversity, voicelessness and gender equality. For an intro into how we teach these concepts, watch Kristie speak at the International Congress of Entomology, where she inspires other outreach educators to reach beyond their areas of focus and to hit on broader issues.

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