School’s back in session, the homework has started in earnest and there’s a little fear lurking in the back of every teacher and parent’s mind. Head lice. These tiny ectoparasites spread through schools and make people crazy with paranoia. When you search online there are myths, half-truths, and outright lies about these animals and their biology. It can be very hard for a frantic parent to find the facts.

It always makes us scratch our heads (in wonder). How much do people actually know about these insects?


We made a video all about lice (head, body, pubic, and bird) for Texas A&M University. Above is an excerpt of the video, focusing mainly on head lice. We hope it helps people understand about the lives of these tiny animals. They just want to live on your pretty little head — and drink your blood.

**NOTE: We do not offer treatment advice in this video. This video is about head lice biology.

The original post can be found on Science Friday.