The Show

Follow us as we film the incredible insects and spiders of America! This coast-to-coast journey will take place with a vintage sofa that will be placed in different ecosystems across the country. At each stop we will inspire you to “get off the couch” to explore America’s backyard wilderness and the most diverse animals on the planet. Wanna come???


Project Noah (supported by National Geographic) is an online repository for digital wildlife images from around the world. Their goal is to help people connect with nature and foster an appreciation of local wildlife. By involving scientists, students, and citizen scientists, Project Noah helps to gather important ecological and biological data while striving to preserve biodiversity. We are so excited to be working with them on this awesome project!

We are also proud to announce Texas A&M University’s Department of Entomology, the United States Forest ServiceGobi Gear and Betsy & Iya as official sponsors! More to come on this soon!


This show will air on YouTube inNovember, 2013. Each episode will be linked with new National Science Framework Standards that help teachers to promote critical thinking skills. DVDs of the series will be available through various outlets along with curricula.

Each week we will highlight an episode on Project Noah’s Official Blog, and NPR’s Science Friday website, where we are featured guest bloggers. Our episodes have the potential to reach over 1.5 million people each month through these websites.

Get Involved!

Project Noah will create a “Bug Chicks Mission” to document the animals we see during our trip (in real-time). People worldwide can follow along on the journey through this Mission, and add their own photos of organisms found along our route!