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We are entomologists who teach about the amazing world of insects, spiders and other arthropods. Through videos, media and in-person workshops we inspire people to open their minds and learn about these animals that are different from us.

We're passionate about promoting science, girl empowerment and being positive female role models in media.
"Be brave. You never know who you're going to grow up to become. Give yourself the chance to be anything!"
Kristie & Jess, The Bug Chicks

Learn About Arthropods

Explore some of the posts we've written about the incredible world of arthropods! From insects to crustaceans, these animals are the most numerous and diverse creatures on the planet.

Who We Are

The Bug Chicks? Find out who we are and why we have devoted our lives to the zany, fun cause of communicating the science of bugs.

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We produce fun, educational videos about arthropods! There are 30 on the site now and be on the look out for our new show filming in the fall of 2014.

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