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We are entomologists who hold our Masters Degrees in Entomology from Texas A&M University. Our drive to create fun, accurate science media has led us to work with some of the coolest organizations: the U.S. Forest ServiceNorman Borlaug Institute of International Agriculture, and National Ag Science Center to name a few.  Our sci-comm articles can be seen on  NPR’s Science Friday website and our videos are teaching the next generation of entomologists and bugdorks. Throughout the year we teach in every venue imaginable- from schools and libraries to camps, museums and festivals.  Read a Q & A from the Oregon News Network about our work!

Our business is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, but we travel all over the world to film, photograph and teach about the incredible world of insects, spiders and other arthropods.

Our mission is simple- we aim to change the way people think about these animals.


Kristie Reddick, M.S. is an entomologist, award-winning university lecturer and educational media specialist. Her research focuses on the biology, biodiversity, and distribution of solifuge arachnids in Kenya. After she received her Masters degree from Texas A&M University she lectured a course called Insects and Human Society, which explored how insects have shaped human history and culture. She recently described a new species of solifuge from the Sudan/Kenya border. As a Bug Chick she is dedicated to showing young girls and boys that women can be smart, silly, successful, brave and beautiful in many different ways.




DSC_1205Jessica Honaker, M.S. is an entomologist, professional science illustrator and lecturer whose research focuses on integrated pest management and the effect of honeydew production by black-margined aphids in pecan agro-ecosystems.  She received her Masters degree from Texas A&M University and her research on pecan aphids is helping to establish new pest control parameters for farmers in eastern Texas. She plans to continue her work in an effort to reduce reliance on pesticides in developing countries. As a Bug Chick she is passionate about promoting women as scientists and positive media role models.