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We are entomologists and educators who inspire people of all ages to find their inner bugdork! Arthropods (insects, spiders and their relatives) are endlessly fascinating. Connecting the science of entomology with social-emotional learning, we use bugs to help people open their minds, break down prejudices and feel empowered in their lives.


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Traditional Social Emotional Learning lessons can be awkward, out-of touch and fill older students and teachers with dread.

Students across the country are stressed, disconnected and feel alone. This curriculum helps them to see themselves as an important part of the larger world while still interacting successfully with their immediate communites. It will help them navigate change and see their differences as assets instead of impediments.

This groundbreaking curriculum combines the science of entomology with personal development and social enrichment goals for students in grades 6-12. This lesson:

  • explores how arthropods adapt to their circumstances
  • guides students to reflect on how they move through the world
  • helps get your students talking about questions that have no right answer
  • changes the way students view themselves, others and what they are capable of.
  • includes 10 videos, accompanying lessons, a tech project and an assessment piece!

This curriculum has gotten rave reviews from teachers at NSTA!


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Workshops, Keynotes, and Trainings

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Video Library

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Professional Development

We offer training workshops for aspiring and veteran outreach professionals, and professional development sessions for docents, education volunteers, and science communicators. We are also faculty with The Morpho Institute’s Educator Academy, a 10-day intensive Continuing Education program in the Peruvian Amazon for K-16 teachers.

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Curriculum Development

We have created curricula focused the science of entomology, how to deliver a killer outreach program and cross-disciplinary social- emotional learning concepts.



Speaking and SciCom

We have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of people over the past 10 years. Our talks inspire people and encourage bravery, empowerment and open-mindedness using bugs as our vehicle! It is our passion. Together, we have given several Keynote addresses and have spoken at numerous conferences, meetings and symposia about our work, research, and signature way of teaching. We write and translate science for the masses through articles and social media. Check out our social media feeds (@thebugchicks on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) to find awesome photos/videos and cool nuggets of bug information!


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Bug Workshops

Our famous bug workshops have taught over 140,000 people and counting! We are your scientist guides through the incredible world of insects, spiders and their relatives. We teach about the arthropod world while empowering students to be brave, open their minds, and reach their educational potential. These presentations introduce positive female role models, encourage students in STEM, STEAM & SEL and promote life-long learning by sharpening inquiry and critical thinking skills.



Entomology Consulting

We help people from a variety of different fields with their entomology-related questions and projects. We work with producers and media companies make sure they have proper insect information and, in some cases, help with insect identification. We often help authors with entomological fact-checking and consult with publishers on projects for children that focus on STEM, science literacy and biology. In addition to consulting, we also publish our own materials, coloring books and curricula. We also partner with organizations to teach in their programs that feature entomology components.

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Video and Media Production

In addition to making our own videos about arthropods, we offer our production services to organizations looking to make fun, quirky and accessible educational videos. We have worked with groups like the National Forest Service, Texas A&M University and the Borlaug Institute to help them hone their message and provide content that speaks the language of the audience.