We are entomologists who teach about the amazing world of insects, arachnids and their relatives. We use these animals to help people #BeBrave, feel empowered in their lives, recognize their potential, open their minds and break down prejudices and barriers.

Bugs Rule. 


All true spiders have venom. They NEED it in order to hunt and eat their prey. Venom does two things: it helps to paraylze moving prey (can you imagine trying to eat a hamburger that is trying to hop away?) and pre-digests/liquifies the prey. Spiders don’t have bottom jaws, so making the food mushy is helpful for eating!

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We never use fear of bugs as a way to “spice” up our teaching. 

Team Celestron

Kristie proudly represents The Bug Chicks as a brand ambassador for Celestron, makers of fine telescopes and digital microscopes. She uses the scopes in our scicomm and media work to get great up-close pictures of arthropods.

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We are faculty of the Educator Academy, a professional development training run by Amazon Workshops in the rainforest of Peru each summer. 2018 registration is now open for K-16 educators!



We have had many wonderful special events at our camp over the last 17 years, but The Bug Chicks are the best we have ever had! I say this because in addition to being informative and entertaining, The Bug Chicks are encouraging and inspiring. We found them to be a particularly great match for Girl Scouts because we want to provide examples of successful, smart women the girls can emulate. Truthfully, the education about bugs is secondary to the encouragement to overcome fears and do something that is difficult for you. The session was truly uplifting, and as I said that day, “It was practically a spiritual experience.”


Allison Packham, Girl Scouts Camp Director









I brought in a 10 year old boy that I was tutoring to your library presentation. He was a difficult child, very strong willed, talkative, and difficult to redirect. As expected he interrupted you a lot and wanted to monopolize the event. You took each interruption and used it as a springboard to share even more interesting facts and details about the insects. None of the other children were neglected, you kept eye contact with the group while allowing him to touch and handle the insects with your other eye on him. I was very impressed! And, moreover, I had fun! I am not particularly fond of insects, but I held them as you asked and enjoyed it, too! You make learning exciting, interesting, and you are SO inclusive, making each person there feel valued and accepted. It is a gift!

Ginger Clausen, Teacher






It was more than just a show and tell of varying creatures (which were pretty cool). They also helped us think about bugs in a differently and how to focus on the ways that they’re cool, not scary. Even a year and a half later, we can still see the impact the Bug Chicks made by the way the girls embrace chances to interact with bugs. The Bug Chicks are clearly well educated and did a tremendous job of teaching us. The girls really enjoyed seeing and holding a variety of bugs and retained much of the information provided. As a troop leader, I also appreciated their ability to take command of a group of 16 2nd graders and keeping them engaged and on task. I really can’t say enough great things about the Bug Chicks!


Amanda Fritz, Brownie Troop Leader



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"entomophagy" means eating bugs


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