Bess Beetles and Introducing "The Daily Antenna"

bess beetless-bug-chicks.jpg

We've been really busy creating a series of videos for Texas A&M Univerisity and their Insects and Human Society class. The class is a great blend of traditional entomology and Cultural Entomology. Cultural Entomology is a term we use when we talk about the incredible interplay between insects and humans. Kristie used to teach this course at TAMU and it really got her hooked on learning about how insects have shaped human culture, history and innovation for thousands of years. The video series we are creating has taken up a lot of our time, but we've still got some tricks up our sleeves! In fact we've started scripting a whole new line of videos as The Bug Chicks, and we've included one of them here. We hope you like the news format on our Bess Beetles video!