Flowers Up-Close

I took a botany class once. It was...fine. It was the semester before I went to Kenya for the first time and I took it concurrently with entomology, so it was never going to have a chance to feel my love.  I was all- Plants, meh. Truth be told I'm still a little bit like that. I can't keep them alive. I don't know their names besides tree, flower, spiky thing, etc. I like carrion plants (they smell like rotting flesh to attract flies) and carnivorous plants (they eat insects with digestive fluids). Catch the drift? But I've been really exploring my world with my Celestron FlipView and decided to look closely at flowers. There are a few pics here that I want to blow up wall size (the last one in particular) so that I can feel like I'm living inside a flower. an insect? I'm incorrigible. Fancy a walk amongst the flowers with me?


Perhaps I should run a contest where I can have people identify them and win something. Bad idea though as I have no basis on which to judge correctness.